avatar-monique-wilkinsMy greatest passion in life is learning. I cannot get enough of it. My belief in education is so great that I dedicate my work to helping other learners gain access to education. I do not see learning as contained to the classroom. Learning can happen anywhere, at any time. The challenge becomes supporting alternative models of learning as well as shifting the perspective on how/when/where learning can happen. Too often we attempt to fit students into a cookie cutter idea of how a person “should learn. This is not to say that the traditional classroom setting does not have value. I argue that the traditional setting works for many students so it should be preserved yet optimized. (I believe there is always room for improvement.) Yet others may find even more value and success in, for example, competency-based education where they can prove what they already know and move on to what they do not. Their learning would not be constrained by time so they can slow down or speed up as needed along their journey. Providing learners with options in how they approach their education will only increase success rates in education.

Currently, I am the Assistant Director of Operations for SNHU|Accel. In my role, I lead the day-to-day management of as well as optimize the Accel program while collaborating across departments. Accel is a self-paced learning model that affords students the opportunity to demonstrate their previous learning and then focus on topics that have yet to be mastered. In addition to supporting Accel, I focus on trends in Competency-Based Education as well as other alternative learning models. I believe in continuous improvement. Researching other institutions keeps me constantly thinking about next steps and encourages me to critically evaluate current operations against other competitors.

My previous work further paints the picture for my affinity in learning in any form. As an Academic Advisor at SNHU, I supported student success. As a Collections Assistant at the Syracuse University Art Galleries, I organized and took detailed notes on the collections’ artifacts. During my stint as a Teaching Assistant, I facilitated learning in the area of Modern Design. My formal education includes a Master’s in Museum Studies from Syracuse University as well as a Bachelor’s in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. Informally, and one of my greatest personal achievements thus far, I completed a three month, life-changing, urban backpacking tripĀ around Europe, cementing my belief that learning comes in many forms, can happen anywhere, and should be encouraged in any form.